Christophe Mausen



Closely associated with the world of rock and the bad boys that he venerates, he was very young when he was gripped by the dream of sporting a tattoo. As a young adolescent he covered his arms with transfers, driven by a method of identifying his idols, having admittedly been won over as much by their “rock n’roll attitude” as by the music that they produced.
Initially braked by his parents, then by the variability in his tastes, it was at the age of 50 that he finally fulfilled his wish, going under the distinguished needles of Chris Fernandez (Kings Avenue - NYC), during his honeymoon trip to New-York. He opted for the “old school” style and covered his forearm with a dagger, the handle of which is decorated by a pin-up wearing a Jean-Paul Gaultier corset. Charmed by the realisation of his long-held fantasy, he intends to continue the work begun in NYC, by entrusting the production of a full “sleeve” (manchette) to Kim-Ahn Nguyen, a Swiss tattooist of international renown exercising his art in NYC and in Eindhoven.
Although the art of tattooing is now widespread and today affects all ages and all social classes, he fully accepts the negative image and the rejection that can sometimes be generated by these drawings which is sometimes considered, wrongly, as being vulgar. In his opinion there are no vulgar things, only vulgar people.
As an aesthete, he idolises the contrast represented by the combination