Christophe Mausen


IconoBooks (2017)

His freelance job fulfils and nourishes this man who is always driven in the pursuit of novelty and new challenges. Therefore, after having explored, designed, produced, found the financial means, and implemented dozens of projects on behalf of third parties, Christophe has been driven by the desire to develop a personal project, belonging to him and Céline alone. He wants to have full control of its concept and to reap the benefits if his intuition is confirmed. He has therefore created a publishing house for premium digital portfolios and has started by publishing his own opus with the aim of demonstrating the concept and providing a tangible example of his creation. He believes in this luxurious product for enhancing the image of personalities who wish to promote their personal brand and to control their image on the web. Because, constructed in the manner of a beautiful book, the IconoBooks help their owners to communicate to others, with elegance and refinement, just what it is that makes them unique. More prosaically, Christophe describes them as the synthesis of the Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest profiles of a given individual who has decided to make his communication more aesthetic from all points of view. Excited by the prospect of this new personal challenge, he hopes to sign up several big names in the first month, before gaining the trust of an audience that he believes to consist of company bosses, athletes, artists and media personalities.