Christophe Mausen


Philippe Gerday

Philippe Gerday inhabits the world of images. A creator in the shadows, this talented graphic designer loves subverting the obvious and surprising his clients as he leads them into unexpected visual landscapes.
"When I meet someone, it doesn't take me more than a few seconds to know who I'm dealing with. I can of course get it wrong, but my instinct rarely lets me down. So the first time Christophe and I talked, I immediately knew we were on the same wavelength. We share the same crazy ideas and don't set ourselves any boundaries when it comes to the imagination. We also share a creative freedom that has produced, among other things, the communication campaigns for the POP-UP event.
On the surface, Christophe and I are very different. He's as extraverted as I am reserved. But our characters aren't as dissimilar as all that. As well as the pleasure we take in creating, we are both very sensitive and have the same respect for other people.
Christophe draws people to him and has the gift of getting them to lower their defences. So I have no doubts at all about joining him on the IconoBooks adventure. I like to surround myself with people who are not permanent sources of stress. That's what I found in him. When we work together, I don't notice the time passing. I couldn't ask for anything more – other than for his concept to find its audience.”