Christophe Mausen


Official partners (2004 - 2018)

Alongside creating concepts, Christophe continued the search for sponsors and convinced several high-calibre sponsors to take up the mantle of official partners. The success has been achieved and his address book is overflowing. A significant part of the CCI budget currently consists of budgets coming from sponsorship. This is a virtuous circle, because the more events and new products that it creates, the greater the interest in this dynamic CCI, which offers visibility and proximity to its partners.
Simultaneously, Christophe has gone through a prosperous period and, thanks to his fertile mind, he is fertilising the ground on which the CCI excels. Thus, in a space of 10 years, he has created concepts such as “Alter Ego”, “les rencontres éclairs” (clear encounters)”, “les grandes interviews de la CCI” (the major interviews of the CCI), “Business Owners Only”, the press review, “Les amis de mes amis” (friends of my friends), “S to XL”, conversation tables, members directories, “CCI N°1 Network”, the CCI App, "1+1=11", “Mens Sana in Corporate Sano”, etc.