Christophe Mausen


Meet’in Liège - Meet’in Namur (2011)

An administrator for several years at Enjeu, the non-profit organisation in which he had set out, Christophe considered how to influence the inexorable downward curve facing the “Forum des Entrepreneurs” business forum. Exhibitors and visitors were becoming scarcer and breaking point was fast approaching.
He made a clean break from the past, turning its back on the notion of exhibitions, and sharing the work between the CCI and Enjeu. The CCI dealt with sales, marketing and communication, while Enjeu was entirely responsible for logistic management. He created Meet’in Liège, which he defined as the greatest networking event in the Liège region, intended to promote business contacts and friendship among ‘neighbours’ around design stands integrated in a trendy decor. The principal was simple: everybody had the same stand, whatever the size of the company and whatever their resources. It was an immediate hit. From the first edition, the event was full and had more than 250 exhibitors. However it was during the third Liege edition that this event had its greatest success, when it was organised on the turf at Standard Liège, in the shade of the luxurious organic red-and-white tents. This gathering will remain in the memories of the 4000 participants who were present at this classic event.