Christophe Mausen


The Senegal

Then a couple of his friends had been living for a little while in Senegal, and Christophe was driven by a desire to take his family there. For this first experience, he rented two rooms in an authentic lodge situated on the edge of N’gaparou beach, on the little coast, 50 kms South of Dakar. Owned by a couple of French expats, it was here that he discovered the sweetness of life in this country, the warmth of the inhabitants, the flavours of the local cuisine and the deep blue of the sky, with which the family fell in love. Besides all this, the country offered such a feeling of security that on this immense white sand beach, Arthur and Georgia could pass their days alongside djmbé players, jewellery craftsmen and wandering vendors with whom they shared the famous “ataya”, sugared green tea scented with fresh mint. Won over by the assets of the country and its beneficial effects on relieving his stress, he was to return there many times, sometimes staying in luxurious villas, sometimes staying with friends, and even “roughing it” when he took to the tracks in his 4X4 which he had bought while there.