Christophe Mausen



Back in Belgium, he frequented the Verviers artistic environment, undertook a string of unexciting jobs and lent a helping hand to his friend Gilbert in the production of his memoirs. Gilbert was a tormented intellectual. He read Cioran, Kierkegaard, Shopenhauer and Pavese. He pondered on his existence and his unrequited loves. However, this did not stop him from achieving brilliant success in his studies of business culture anthropology at the University of Liège and obtaining the highest distinction. Unfortunately, the day after his academic recognition, against all expectations, Gilbert committed suicide without leaving a word of explanation. Christophe was devastated. He held himself responsible for not having been able to detect or anticipate this desperate act of his long-time friend. On 2 September 1993, Christophe became aware that there would always be a before and after Gilbert.