Christophe Mausen

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Passion for motorcycles

Enjoying a more favourable professional situation, his attraction to two wheels resurfaced and, in the Dison show-room of Lejeune Motorsport, he fell in love with the BMW Rockster 1150R. Despite the exceptional qualities of its chassis and the racy and aggressive side to its design, this single seater had only a modest commercial success. This is why Christophe will never be separated from his motorcycle, hoping one day to restore it to its former glory.
Enrolled in a group of bikers who are more experienced than him, he criss-crossed France and set out on long epics, minutely guided by the group’s leader, Michel Boyens. He then acquired a BMW RT 1200 that was more suited to this type of trip, with incomparable comfort and stability. He accomplished 20,000 kilometres before falling heavily, some years later, on summer ice on a minor road in the Jura. Although only superficially injured, he faced up to the tragic consequences that he had narrowly avoided. He decided to store his great road bike in the garage. It was never to come out again.