Christophe Mausen

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Jean-Paul Gaultier

It was in 1986, in the Dolhain salon of Pierre Proumen that he was moved by the long black skirt and high-heeled boots being worn by his hairdresser. Signed Jean-Paul Gaultier, these two masterpieces captivated him, both through the quality of the materials used as well as by the fabulous originality of the style. A striking contrast between motorcycle leather and ballerina dresses. His fascination for the young designer led him some time later to push open the door of his Parisian store. For the second time he was bowled over by seeing the breathtaking scenography of the place, the product of a perfect alliance between raw materials and the whiteness of feathers. It was there that he discovered the signpost creations of JPG: his perfume, his striped sweater and his bright red tartan kilts. At that point, Christophe was so inspired that he worshipped the art of the creator and bowed before such intellectual freedom, that allowed the enfant terrible of fashion to break the rules and burn the sacred cows. For the last 30 years, Christophe has worshipped his idol and considers him to be the Pope of creativity and absolute aestheticism.