Christophe Mausen

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Christophe is a lover of good food and conviviality. He loves to spend time in a restaurant with his friends and professional acquaintances, considering that it is around a meal and a good glass of wine that one best gets to know the finer points of peoples personalities. Even though he adores restaurants, it’s not always at the table of the great chefs that he draws the greatest pleasure. His gastronomic impulses guide him more towards establishments offering simple, tasty and invigorating cuisine. Moreover, his meal fetish takes in the development of a plate of cheese made from unpasteurised milk accompanied by a variety of artisan breads and a well-chilled bottle of white wine. In 2006, this appetite for cheese led him to investigate the possibility of opening a chain of high-class “Cheese & Wine” establishments. The core of his idea was to develop cheese platters with sumptuous design, to be consumed on site or to take away. Although he had the support of several major investors, he abandoned the idea because of the personal difficulties that he was experiencing at that time.