Christophe Mausen


IconoBooks : In pratice

Constructed in the manner of beautiful books, IconoBooks are websites centred on people rather than companies (, for example).
Each IconoBook is constructed on a particular graphics canvas, labelled in an identical manner, allowing surfers on the web to clearly identify the style of the Iconoclash publishing house.
Using an original navigation system, each site paints the complete portrait of the person by addressing various aspects of their life: biography, career path, values, interests and hobbies, press cuttings, business(es), news, etc.
IconoBooks also include a “testimonials” panel enabling friends and relatives of our client to give their opinions on its subject (at the invitation of our client).
Perfectly referenced, they are the official source of their holder, and appear at the top of searches on metasearch engines.
Free of any competition, IconoBooks exhibit their trademark through the aestheticism editorial quality and creativity which they exude.