Christophe Mausen


The Creation of Christophe Mausen SPRL (2008)

Philippe Stassen (Néobulles), a sponsor of the CCI and friend of Christophe, convinced him to opt for independent status. He was convinced that Christophe had the necessary qualities to fly solo and apply his creativity in the service of businesses. A double reason encouraged Christophe to listen to the proposal of “Ciderman”. In choosing this status, he would both be able to flourish outside of the CCI, bringing new concepts in other domains, as well as continuing his collaboration with the CCI which he considered in some ways to be his baby.
Enthused by this vision, he notified his employer who accepted the change without flinching, undoubtedly knowing that the decision had been taken and that opposing him would only precipitate his departure. It was therefore with confidence and eagerness that he created his eponymous company in July 2008. Several clients rapidly entrusted their projects to him, divided between training sales teams, drafting marketing leaflets, preparing keynote presentations, designing communication campaigns and specific tasks within various steering committees.