Christophe Mausen


The creation of Iconoclash SPRL (2014)

Christophe had been together for five years with Céline Léonard, the editor-in-chief of CCI Mag, when they decided to create a company together, intended to exploit the product of their combined skills. She is a journalist and copywriter where he is inventive and iconoclastic. They named their new company ICONOCLASH, in reference to their combined abilities to think outside the box, burn sacred cows and communicate differently. Even if they knew that it was only a myth, they shared the same vision of excellence and perfection at work. The expression of their passion can be found in the writing of press releases, articles for business journals, text for Internet sites, introductory brochures, fact sheets and sales brochures, as well as in the design of racy publicity campaigns, designs of new business models and the establishment of original and novel events.