Christophe Mausen


Foot races

Fascinated by the story of a friend who ran his first marathon at the age of fifty, he adopted this whim. Determined to plagiarise the feat achieved by Dany Drion, he started his preparation with a serious rebalancing of his diet, which he accomplished under the guidance of the Liegeois dietician and nutritionist, Damien Pauquet. Two months later, having shed 10 kg of superfluous weight, he entered a re-athletisation programme under the attentive eye of a meticulous coach, Damien Naslain. Made rusty by years of physical inactivity, he started his preparation with small sections run at a very slow pace, followed by periods of walking and recovery. Several months later, with his weight continuing to improve, he made more serious outings (7 or 8 kms), always at low speed in order to work on his endurance. It was only at the end of 7 months training, due to 3 or 4 outings per week, that he completed his first half-marathon (21 kms) in 1 hour 47 minutes. More demanding work sessions were added to the basic endurance training, intended to improve his speed. In March 2017, he improved his half-marathon recording a respectable time of 1 hour 40 minutes. Eighteen months after his first trots, having shed 20 kilograms of pure fat and stimulated by a 12 week training programme, he arrived at the starting line of the Berlin Marathon, famous for its reputation of being the fastest in the world, and fulfilled his dream by completing it in a time of 3 hours 43 minutes.

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