Christophe Mausen


Business Cards Meeting (1999)

The CCI had the wind in its sails and Christophe took advantage of this to create an event which would stick in the memory: the “Business Cards Meeting” (BCM). These were an almost immediate success and, at their peak, the meetings brought together more than 1000 participants seeking high quality professional contacts. In the context of the time, it was a mini revolution. Bringing together such a large number of participants, encouraging them to network and feeding them with shot-glass appetisers, for free or at a very reasonable price, and without any particular theme was a clear break from standard practices. Adopted by everyone, this new receptive structure was to become the standard. It was the start of “Walking Dinners” and drinks with finger food. There being one BCM every quarter, 55 were organised at 54 different venues, over a period of